Who Are We?

Why Horizons

The horizon is a place where heaven and earth meet.  In times past the horizon was crucial for survival and navigation.  Horizon also refers to one’s outlook and experiences.  

Here at New Horizons Academy we want students to integrate their education with their spiritual journey. We want each student to find a place where heaven and earth meet. 

 We believe that focusing on God first, applying biblical truths, and educating with excellence will help students navigate their futures and propel them to become kingdom builders and world changers.  

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New Horizons Vision

  • To create an environment where students feel safe, loved, and challenged to become their best version of themself.
  • To strive for academic excellence, however, learning to celebrate all victories no matter how big or how small.
  • To prepare students academically to be successful in whatever path God directs them on by helping students learn that educational values directly relate to learning who God says they are.
  • To help students explore their passions and talents.
  • To inspire students to broaden their horizons. The sky is the limit and God has endless opportunities.
  • To motivate students to love to learn by hands on experiences, field trips, and creative learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom.
  • To build character and confidence by leading students to find their identity in Jesus.
  • To train Kingdom builders with servant hearts who will be problem solvers and world changers now and in the future.
  • To promote healthy family relationships and encourage healthy school to home relationships.
  • To encourage community outreach and loving others.


-Nicole Scott

  • 2005 Bachelors of Science in Collaborative Education from the University of South Alabama
  • 2007 L.C. Hatcher Elementary Teacher of the Year 
  • 2007 George County District Teacher of the Year
  • 2010 Master of Elementary Education from William Carey University
  • 2019 Central Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • 2020 National Board Certified Teacher 

I can remember being called into the ministry as a young child at a church camp.  I have been serving in ministry since I was fourteen years old.  The field of Education is my mission field and inspiring the next generation is my calling.  God has given me many years to prepare me for the vision He has laid on my heart to start a school.  Through the years I have directed camps, VBS programs, and dramas, worked as a mentor for young girls,  established children’s church ministries at two churches, and taught multiple grade levels for George County School District.  I have been married to Joshua Scott for twenty-one years.  We have been active kingdom citizens at Mercy Ministries for eleven years and served as youth pastors for the past eight years.   We have two amazing children who propel me into the vision of creating a school I would want them to attend.   

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Philosophy of Education

Every child is a gift from God and has been place here for such a time as this.  I believe every student has talents and passions God has specifically given them. By realizing who they are in Christ, we can help students excel and reach their potential.  Instruction extends beyond the curriculum given.  Everything can be used as a teachable moment.  Every student has the ability to learn, but may learn differently. Multiple strategies and methods should be explored for individualized education.  I know every person has strengths and weaknesses. Part of success is learning from mistakes and overcoming weaknesses.  Every accomplishment and overcoming moment should be celebrated to build confidence and to help overcome fears.  I believe a classroom should be driven by prayer first and data second.  Knowing where a student is currently performing gives us guidance in helping them reach their academic goals.  Students and parents should be an active part of their education by setting goals and knowing expectations. Strong teacher student relationships enhance education and help students accept feedback in a positive light.  Education is an adventure and school should be enjoyable as well as challenging.  It’s not only about the “good grades”, but about the good they can give with the knowledge they have! My prayer is that I help your child spread their wings and soar into all God has for them.