Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum will be used?

The primary curriculum used will be Abeka. We will pull in extra support as needed to meet core standards.

What is your dress code?

Students are allowed to wear khaki or navy shorts, skirts, or pants with school t-shirts or any shade of blue or white polo shirt. Thursdays will be casual and students will be allowed to wear jeans and a school t-shirt.

What are school hours?

Students will attend class Monday-Thursday from 8-2:30. Fridays will be used as a distance learning day, special events, and field trip day on occasion. Students will complete any assignments they did not finish on Fridays.

Are you accredited?

We are in the process of being accredited thru MAIS-Midsouth Association of Independent Schools. This will be a two year process, however after completion the Mississippi Department of Education approves this accrediting service for a Mississippi diploma.

What about lunch?

Students will bring lunch from home.

What does class look like?

Students will be grouped with other age appropriate students and rotate thru classes and other independent stations to meet curriculum goals. Each student will have an individualized path. Enrichment opportunities will vary from week to week and will differ depending on students' talents and interests.

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